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Lucy Liu will be playing Sherlock Holmes sidekick Watson in 'Elementary'




CBS has decided it doesn't need somebody like Jude Law to play Sherlock Holmes' right-hand man Watson in their upcoming pilot Elementary. Instead, they've recruited Lucy Liu to play the character, whose first name is now Joan. She's pretty tough on Southland, so she could probably beat Law in a fistfight now.

The new drama features Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes, who will stay British, but the show will be set in modern America, with the detective out of rehab and staying with sober pal Watson, a surgeon who has lost her license, Deadline says. Apparently one of her patients died following a botched operation, so don't tell the folks on Grey's Anatomy about that one.

It's actually kind of cool a woman will be playing Watson for the first time, even if it is just a silly network pilot. The role's been performed by folks like Nigel Bruce, Ben Kingsley, Robert Duvall and even Dudley Moore before, so that's some pretty good company -- not to mention it could potentially give Holmes a lot more to, ahem, investigate. It's definitely a long way from her turn in Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 2:22pm]


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