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Lynne Spears wants to know why Sarah Palin and Bristol are being treated differently



Tbdbristolpalin092408 Lynne Spears may not be mother of the year, but she does want to know one thing: Why was she and her pregnant teenage daughter vilified for announcing Jamie Lynn was with child, but Sarah Palin and her daughter Bristol were cheered for the teen being knocked up? Two words, sweetie: Double. Standards.

"It's as if (Sarah Palin) became celebrated. I mean, the mother, Palin, was celebrated for this," Lynne told Newsweek. "Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn, you saw how she was crucified -- everybody did, firsthand. I just feel like it's been a very hypocritical situation."

Of course, Bristol isn't the star of a TV show watched by millions of tweeners. But even though Lynne is miffed about the situation, she does point that she has no right to tell the Palins what's right and wrong.

"Everybody's situation is different," she said. "I would never tell anybody else what to do with their child. I would never attempt to make them think I knew more about their child. Even if they were to ask, I would tell them, 'dig deep, what do you think?' "

Hmm, allowing people to decide for themselves what's right for their own families instead of trying to force opinions on them? That's just crazy talk.

[Photo: Bristol and Levi Johnston. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:02am]


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