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Madge and John-John didn't get it on-on



Back in 1988, Madonna was a hot commodity, having split from Sean Penn, and was looking for love with a young man about town named John F. Kennedy Jr.

But the New York Post’s Page Six says a visit to a motel was cut short because John forgot a condom.

“They began discussing how they were going to get a hold of a prophylactic,” Kennedy pal Rob Littel told American Legacy author C. David Heymann. “She was still legally married to Sean Penn, and he had a steady girlfriend. ... They were afraid of being busted. They couldn’t very well just meander into a pharmacy and ask for a pack of Trojans. They were too well known. ... To John’s great chagrin, the relationship was never completed.”

Imagine how that union would have turned out. It would have been the perfect American power couple! Of course, there are John’s homosexual dalliances the book hints at to consider ...

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