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Madonna allegedly forced film festival volunteers to look away from her




It seems to be de rigueur these days to pile on Madonna these days, what with that hydrangea fiasco last week and all. But can we really believe she's so divalicious that she would force Toronto International Film Festival volunteers to avert their gazes while she is among the rabble? That's what the Globe and Mail would have us believe.

The paper says that while many people say Madge was delightful while shilling her movie W.E., on report said she demanded eight volunteers turn their backs and stare at the wall while she was backstage at the affair. We can only assume this is because she didn't want to lock eyes, sparking in her a vicious primal urge to rip their throats out in a bloody outburst of territorial rage.

That's simply too outrageous for The Juice* to believe, yet we can't rule out the possibility. That surely is to the chagrin of one dedicated heckler who recently wrote in to compare The Juice* to a certain part of the male anatomy. But see, this time we think the story is made up! That's makes it okay, right?

[Photo: By the way, she was looking pretty good in Toronto, too. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 6:13pm]


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