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Madonna, Guy Ritchie are officially divorced



Tbdmadonna112408 It's official: Madonna and Guy Ritchie are divorced, the Daily Mail says. Maybe she can ditch that faux Brit accent now.

We've already said Guy Ritchie had agreed to not take any of Madge's money in exchange for an equal custody split with the kids. What we haven't said before is that this whole thing was brought on by the Material Mom herself, who petitioned for a divorce because of Ritchie's "unreasonable behaviour," court records show, whatever that may have been (see above).

Marital problems had abounded, it seems, as the documents show that as of the petition's filing date, Oct. 24, the pair had not lived together for at least six months. But Ritchie says he got what he wanted.

"It was never about the money -- never about her bloody art collection. I just wanted to settle it and move on," Guy said. "I didn't raise any objections at any stage until she insisted the children lived permanently in New York."

Speaking of money, Madge gets to keep the bulk of her fortune, but Guy gets something near $4 million, along with their Wiltshire estate and the couple's Punchbowl pub. Four London houses will be sold and the profits split.

"On paper anyway, Guy will not take any money. However all the security, travel and any other arrangements with the children will be funded by Madonna," an inside source said. "She has also agreed to give him a £2million sweetener as a kind of gift. This will not be seen in the court paperwork."

Plus, he doesn't have to be married to Madonna anymore, so who's the big winner here?

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