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Madonna makes demands of Guy Ritchie



Tbdguyritchie111208 Madonna and Guy Ritchie getting divorced is a big deal to The Juice*, since it gives us fodder for ridicule for at least a couple months. That's why stories like the Daily Mail insisting Madge has a list of demands for Guy when he's with their kids is awesome, if not confirmable.

Now that Rocco and David have to sly across the pond to meet with dear old dad, since Madonna moved back to New York, it seems the Material Mom sent Guy the list when the tykes showed up in London for a visit.

Among the demands, according to the paper:

-- Under no circumstances should they read newspapers, magazines or be allowed to watch TV or DVDs.

-- They should wear the clothes Madonna has sent with them on the flight. If they need to be bought anything, they should not contain man-made fibers.

-- They must eat a macrobiotic, vegetarian diet with no processed or refined food, and must drink only water blessed by Kabbalah leaders.

-- Guy should not discuss the separation with them (gee, why would that come up?).

-- The boys should not be introduced to Guy's new friend, especially any new female friends.

-- The boys should not be photographed while with Guy.

-- At bedtime, Guy should read 3-year-old David the English Rose books Madonna wrote (because someone needs to read them).

Think this is bad? Stay tuned, it gets better ...

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