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Madonna's noise is annoying all the neighbors



Tbdmadonna111208 agYou see, since Madonna insists on meting out so many rules, you'd think she'd abide by them herself, but oh no. The New York Daily News says she has drawn the ire of the other tenants in her Central Park West high-rise, since she turned a seventh-floor apartment into a music studio and is annoying everyone.

This is after the co-op fought against the sale in the first place, since Madonna already owned a 12th-floor unit. The $7 million 7th-floor apartment was originally supposed to be an office for Guy Ritchie, but he won't be needing that anymore.

"(The board) asked her for a schedule of when she would practice, but she hasn't adhered to it," a source tells the Daily News. "The music is playing at all hours of the night, and the noise from the drums and the bass blares through the walls."

Madge's rep denies the story, saying, "Madonna does not stay up till all hours of the night ... so I can't imagine there is any validity to this story. She needs her rest. She's a working girl, you know."

Working at annoying everyone she comes in contact with, apparently.

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:09am]


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