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Mark Wahlberg says he's going to do a movie with Justin Bieber



tbd-markwahlberg042911.jpgLeave it to Mark Wahlberg to figure out a way to keep making popular movies: Do one with Justin Bieber. Hey, Wahlberg didn't evolve from the disaster that was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch by not carefully plotting a career path.

"Justin Bieber and I are going to do a movie together ... We’re doing it at Paramount," he told New York magazine. "We pitched them the idea and, you know, we're talking about doing it. He loves the idea. He's been sending me video, he sent me a video of himself, and, yeah, I think he’s really talented."

He wasn't spilling the beans on what it was about, but he did relent on a small detail: "They may announce it fairly soon … kind of like a reluctant mentor in an inner-city environment. You know, I don’t want to say." Deadline adds the project is about Bieber joining a basketball team. Because nothing says Oscar contender like combining the powers of a high school dropout from Dorchester who spent two years in the clink for assaulting Vietnamese people teaming up with a 'tween YouTube sensation from small-town Canada who has tricked 13-year-old girls into thinking they're going to marry him someday. Plus, it’ll be Biebs’ first movie!

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