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Martha Stewart dropped by Haslam's in St. Petersburg



tbd-marthastewart040611.jpgMartha Stewart makes a lot of trips to Tampa Bay throughout the year, often to ply her wares on the Home Shopping Network. But Facebook fans of Haslam's bookstore in St. Pete may have noticed she stopped by the store for about 40 minutes last Thursday, although there was no mention of why (other than a love of the printed word, perhaps).

Martha explained everything on Tuesday, saying she flew to Tampa last week for the shoot: "Our flight, which was scheduled for later (Thursday) evening, was canceled due to stormy weather,  which gave us some time to do a bit of exploring," she wrote on her official blog, noting she and VP of licensing Alex Peruzzi wanted to kill some time. "We drove across Tampa Bay to nearby St. Petersburg, where we found a very unique book store called Haslam's, a multi-generational business that carries both new and used books.  It is known as Florida’s greatest rainy-day attraction and guess what?  It was raining!"

Well, it was darn near tornadopocalypse in the region that day, but it's nice to know she got out to see the sights. And she even signed some of the books there, according to Ray Hinst of Haslam's, who added that she was pleased that the store stocked so many of her titles. We're going to assume she was coming from TIA and that's why she had to drive across the bay to get to St. Pete again, but HSN probably wishes she'd pointed out their headquarters is already on the west side of the Howard Frankland.

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