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Matt Damon is People's Sexiest Man Alive



Damon1 George Clooney's reign of sexy tyranny is over. Matt Damon is People's newest Sexiest Man Alive, the mag announced Tuesday. Damon beat out such sexyweights as Brad Pitt, Patrick Dempsey, Adrian Grenier, Javier Bardem and Justin Timberlake for the title. "You gave an aging suburban dad the ego boost of a lifetime," Damon told People in a letter. (He writes letters! How sexy!) It's been a good year already for Damon, what with the megahit The Bourne Ultimatum and a declaration in August that he was, according to the numbers, Hollywood's most bankable movie star. Let's take a look at some of Matty's finest work, shall we?

Here's Damon geting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in July:


Here's Damon with one of the men he out-sexied in 2007, Brad Pitt:


Here's the boyish wunderkind we all fell in love with on Oscar Night 1998, post-Good Will Hunting:


Here's Damon (right, with Heath Ledger on the left) in The Brothers Grimm, which was, apparently, a movie:


Here he is affixed to Greg Kinnear in a Farrelly Brothers film:


Those eyes! We'd know those eyes anywhere!


And finally, here he is once more, in all his sextacular glory:


What say you, Juicers? Did People make the right call? Or do you have a different Sexiest Man Alive in mind? Leave your own choices in the comments, and we may just do a photo gallery of your picks!

(Photos: Magazine cover, People. Eyes, Livestrong bracelet, Oscars, AP. Walk of Fame, Getty. The Brothers Grimm, Stuck on You, Ocean's Twelve, handouts.)

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