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Matthew McConaughey defends his surfer pals



Tbdmcconaugheyalves120108 In his own, laid-back surfer way, Matthew McConaughey has come to the defense of two surfers accused of attacking a pack of paparazzi who were following Mac for photos at the beach in Malibu last June. Skylar Peak and Philip Hildebrand have pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery after one photog was tossed into the water, while another says his camera got thrown into the drink.

And while Matty says he understands where the guys were coming from, he's really not bothered by persistent shooters, says. Seriously, he has to keep up his profile somehow.

"That was just a community thing where they felt like there was a little peace disturbance. When I'm surfing I try not to think about (the photographers)," Mac says. "They are just capturing a picture. I guess if they start getting on rafts and coming out there in the water, then we'd be in a different position."

Peak and Hildebrand are going to be in a different position when their trial stars on Jan. 14. Until then, they have McConaughey's words to keep them warm at night.

[Photo: Matt with Camila Alves and child at the the Texas-Texas Tech game on Nov. 1. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:12am]


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