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Matthew McConaughey drinks up Nicaragua



Tbdcamilaalves061908 Matthew McConaughey always had a way with the ladies, but why is he running around Nicaragua when his model girlfriend Camila Alves is eight months pregnant? The New York Daily News says Matty was seen at a bar called Iguana in San Juan Del Sur on June 6 and 7, drunk off his keister and chatting up the girls.

A witness who actually gave her name -- Amber Poe -- tells the tabloid Mac hit on her and her roommate, but freaked when he couldn't find his footwear.

"He stood on a table, screaming in broken Spanish, ‘I've lost my flip-flops,' " Poe said. She says McConaughey also snatched a camera of someone trying to take his photo and allegedly tried to smooch Poe. Matt denied any shenanigans with women, but does say he'd been drinking.

Drunk?" he told the paper via e-mail. "Absolutely. Nicaragua is a beautiful place, epic waves, the best surfing I have ever been on. And yes, I'm STILL looking for my left flip-flop. So if anyone finds it floating around down there (it has 6:22 stitched into the side), please send it my way. There is a reward."

The reward is getting rid of Matthew McConaughey's flip-flop. Who knows what's growing on that thing?

[Photo: The (un?)happy couple. Getty Images]


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