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Mel Gibson's stepmother files for restraining order


Mel Gibson will be in family court again after his stepmother filed for a restraining order against Mel because she claims he's being abusive to her and orchestrated his father's divorce filing against her. We can't possibly imagine Mel Gibson being angry and unreasonable, or causing any sort of family strife, can you?

TMZ says Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson is saying Gibson exploded on her several times, including times when he and sister Maura were taking their father Hutton to get medical treatments or discussing his care. Teddy and Hutton were married in 2001, but he recently filed for divorce, which Teddy claimed was Mel's bidding, because Hutton is such a devout Catholic.

She detailed several events in which her stepson was very rude, doing things like "yelling and saying, 'f--- this and f--- that' while leveling other extremely offensive language at me." The 78-year-old also claimed Hutton recently wrote her a love letter proclaiming "our mutual love is permanent," so she has no idea where else the divorce idea could have come from.

She noted that because her home with Hutton is owned by one of Mel's charities, he intends to kick her out onto the street when the divorce goes through, and wants to stop him from leaving her homeless. She also wants to keep Mel from cutting off all communication with Hutton, and wants a judge to impose a 100-yard buffer zone between them, so Mel has to leave her be.

The court will have a hearing next month, at which time we're sure Mel will come off as a perfectly reasonable and loving son who also is a sociopath with no regards for his past actions or people's feelings.

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[Last modified: Monday, July 2, 2012 3:42pm]


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