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Michael Douglas eager to kiss Matt Damon in 'Liberace'




Michael Douglas is back from cancer and ready to act, telling Extra he's more than ready to play his role as Liberace in, well, Liberace. Could that be because he gets to kiss Matt Damon, who is playing Liberace's lover Scott Thorson?

"Every once in a while we send little emails back to each other (and ask), 'What flavor ChapStick do you wear?;" Douglas says of his costar. "He's got a great attitude about it and very brave on his part. I'm not sure in the prime of my career, I would necessarily be jumping and diving into this role. It's a bold choice, but he makes bold choices."

Well, choosing the flamboyant piano player isn't the safest decision, but Douglas has his reasons: "It's just nice to be play a nice guy after playing all the villains." he said. "People kind of inherently just picked up on his joy and graciousness, on how much fun he was having!"

Well, maybe not the real-life Thorson, who was a drug addict who evetually sued Liberace for $113 million after years of being in a secret and allegedly abusive relationship with the star, who died in 1987. What a nice guy!

[Photo: Mike looking back on track with Catherine Zeta-Jones on Sunday. Getty Images]


[Last modified: Thursday, January 20, 2011 3:00pm]


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