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Michael Jackson autopsy results horrifying, fake



Tbd-michaeljackson063009 Leave it to your friendly neighborhood Juice* to act as rumor control: If you're a devoted reader of Britain's Sun (and really, who isn't?), you probably gobbled up the paper's reported autopsy results for Michael Jackson. The report said Jackson was starved, shattered, and full of drugs. When's the surprise come in?

The paper reported that the King of Pop was emaciated, weighing 112 pounds with a stomach full of pills that substituted for a meal, since he was rumored to only be taking one meal a day. He was reportedly bald, with only "peach fuzz" covering his scalp, except for a scar above his left ear from his 1984 Pepsi commercial accident.

Needle tracks were found up and down his arms and hips, as if a physician had been injecting him. There also were needle marks above the heart, apparently from frantic adrenaline shots given while people tried to revive him. He also had broken ribs from CPR.

His face also was a web of plastic surgery scars, and his nose was missing a bridge entirely and was partially collapsed. The goodnews: He seemed to be recovering well from skin cancer surgery, the Sun said.

The problem with all this is that it's not true, according to the L.A. County corner.

"The report that is being published did not come from this office," the coroner told TMZ. "I don't know where the information came from, or who that information came from. It is not accurate. Some of it is totally false."

We'd like to focus on the "some of it" part, meaning that some of it is obviously true. Like, his name, for instance. Not that we really doubted the validity of any of this, but hey, the coroner says no.

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