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Michael Jackson has been buried, reports say



Tbd-michaeljackson081109 Michael Jackson's body has been buried at Forest Lawn Cememtery in the Hollywood Hills, without so much as a small ceremony with family, the U.K.'s Mirror insists. We would find this a whole lot harder to believe if Entertainment Tonight wasn't confirming it as true.

“Michael has already been laid to rest, but other than the Jackson family and the management at Forest Lawn, no one knows the exact spot," a source from the cemetery told the paper.

Apparently the family was worried that fans would swarm over his grave like locusts, so the King of Pop was laid to rest in a secret location. In fact, part of the plan is to move the body to any of four spots on the grounds if security becomes a problem (or he re-enacts Thriller and crawls out of the ground to dance. Is that joke too tired yet?).

“Staff at the cemetery have been fed several different locations, it’s as if they are hoping to confuse everyone so it can’t leak out," the source said. “The fear is that thousands of Jackson fans will descend on the cemetery and create a security issue or maybe even damage or deface the grave.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County coroner’s office has completed their autopsy, but said police investigators requested that facts about what killed Jackson remain under a security hold while detectives investigate the events leading up to his death, the AP reports. Neither the coroner’s office nor the police would indicate when the results might be made public.

As for there being no ceremony, the fam apparently was happy with his memorial a month ago. Good thing they let the body just hang out for a few weeks. Let the conspiracy theories about his death being fake reignite! And seriously, we have to wait and see if this is true, because anything goes when it comes to MJ, even in death.

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