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Mila Kunis agrees to go to Marine Corps Ball with Afghanistan Leatherneck



rsz_tbd-milakunis071211.jpgIn what is possibly the coolest Juice* item of 2011, Mila Kunis has agreed to a U.S. Marine's YouTube request from Afghanistan that she be his date to the Marine Corps Ball. That is, with a little help from Justin Timberlake, whom one YouTube commenter has awarded "wingman award of the century."

Sgt. Scott Moore, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines in Musa Qula, recorded a 19-second video in which he says, simply and directly, "Hey Mila, this is Sgt. Moore, but you can call me Scott. I just want to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps Ball on Nov. 18 in Greenville, N.C., with yours truly. So, take a second, think about it, get back to me. All right, bye now." Watch the video above and enjoy the fightin' man's earnestness.

Fox411 asked the 27-year-old actress about the video, which was posted last week, but it was Friends With Benefits costar who made a point to tell her what a big deal it was.

"Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country," Timberlake told Kunis before reassuring Moore. "I’m going to work on this, man. This needs to go down."

Kunis had no idea Moore had made the request from half the world away, but after confirming her publicist knew about it, she did something very unexpected: She agreed.

"I'll go, I'll do it for you," she told JT. "Are you going to come?" But truly earning his wingman prize, Justin begged off so Sarge could have Mila all to himself. "They don't want me! They want you," Timberlake said. "You need to do it for your country."

Fox411 says Kunis nodded and said, "I'll do it." Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the 3/2 is roaring louder than any artillery. Be careful, Mila, they don't call them Devil Dogs for nothing. The Juice* can't wait to see Moore home safe and on his date, that's for sure.

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