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Miley Cyrus explains demise of Twitter account



Miley Cyrus
thankfully explains why she deleted her Twitter account, saying that hey, she needs a personal life, too. We get this from her personal Web site, MileyWorld, which is designed to let the girl post photos, videos and blog posts about every single thing she does. (We got it from Access Hollywood, because we're not creating a profile for that.)

"I love my job so much that it is hard to believe sometimes that it is considered ‘working,’" she wrote. "But, in the end it is still a business and I do need some sort of a ‘normal’ life as well.”

So she takes the wisest course of action and quits one of her obsessions, saying part of her lack of privacy is her own fault: “How can I whine about my life being to public if I am the one telling the world what I am doing? Some things in my life need to say in my life only and not on some gossip site.”

Those damn gossip sites again; how dare they write about people who have sold out their lifestyles and personalites for fame and money. Meanwhile, all the kids who go to MileyWorld and get their own homepages where they can describe in minute detail every action, just like their hero Miley, you need to just stop.

“I just think kids all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace,” she wrote. “My problem with the internet is it makes negativity so available. It allows people to anonymously hurt others without any consequences. That is not the real world. Not only that, but if we spent more time enjoying what we are doing besides tweeting about it, we would enjoy our lives a whole lot more.”

But before you go offline, log on to MileyWorld and read the rest for yourself, and maybe post some photos and send an e-mail, or perhaps just buy something from her swag shop. And then go to Wal-mart and buy some items from her clothing line. And di you know she has albums and a TV show, too?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:00am]


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