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Miley Cyrus grinds on 44-year-old in dancing video

Hypersexualized teen icon Miley Cyrus is living up to her reputation yet again, as video has now surfaced of her grinding her hips into a 44-year-old man during a party last year. What, you thought those photos last June were all there was?

RadarOnline, TMZ and others are all aflutter over the video, which shows a 16-year-old Miley doing fairly dirty things to producer Adam Shankman. The video (watch it above) shows the pair dancing in a group, then retiring to a corner where things get a bit more nasty.

“The video was taken about seven months ago at a wrap party for The Last Song,” a source told Radar. “The worst part is that there were little kids at the party and the dancing between Miley and Adam was so dirty that some of the parents actually left the party and took their kids home.”

We didn't share the lap dancing pictures from last year because you have to pay for that stuff, Shankman defended the photos then by saying they were all in good fun. Of course, even the fact that Shankman is openly gay doesn't really satisfy the haters on this issue. To that we say two things: 1) All teenagers dance like this, and 2) What do you expect from a girl who's grown up around these amoral Hollywood and music industry types her whole life?

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[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:31am]


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