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Miley Cyrus is writing her autobiography



Tbdmileycyrus042108 That MIley Cyrus sure is branching out, moving from a teen pop star and teen actor to a teen writer. Ok! says the ubiquitous 15-year-old has decided to write an autobiography.

Well, not all by her lonesome, of course. Much like her music and acting career, she's going to be relying on a ghost writer to put all one-and-a-half sassy decades in print. It's all part of a "very hush-hush" multimillion-dollar deal with Disney books, an insider says.

"The plan is to move her away from Hanna Montana. She's outgrown it," the source tells the mag.

Outgrown it? The show has only been on since 2006! Did Gary Coleman outgrow Diff'rent Strokes after two years? Did Michael J. Fox outgrow Family Ties after two years? Did Mayim Bialik outgrow Blossom after two years? Sure, they didn't have instahits playing on Top 40 radio or hosting gigs on country music shows, but darn it, they stuck with it!

[Photo: With her older half-sister Brandi, who probably wants her own show, too. Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:41am]


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