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Mitt Romney's alleged attacker on flight is LMFAO's Sky Blu



Tbd-skyblu022210 Speaking of politics, the man who allegedly attacked Mitt Romney on a plane getting ready to take off from Vancouver to L.A. on Feb. 15 was none other than LMFAO's Sky Blu, TMZ reports. That's a long way from Miami, Mitt.

The site says the fracas began when Sky Blu, a.k.a. Skyler Gordy, reclined his seat before the flight took off. Romney, who was sitting behind him, apparently admonished Blu by yelling at him. Gordy contends at this point Romney grabbed his shoulder, which is usually a no-no, prompting him to slap the former Massachusetts governor's hand away. What happened after that is a lot of hearsay, but Sky Blu was removed from the aircraft by authorities.

Mitt's spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom told the New York Daily News on Tuesday that the then-unnamed "passenger became physically violent," and that "Gov. Romney did not retaliate but instead let the airline crew respond to the incident." Romney didn't press charges and Sky Blu caught a later flight. Not suprisingly, Blu told TMZ he wouldn't likely vote for Mitt after all this.

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