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More photos of battered Rihanna may emerge




If you think the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown fiasco had blown over, get ready for forthcoming photos of the battered singer that are sure to make rounds across all forms of media. Just in case you'd forgotten how savagely Brown had beaten her in 2009.

Four images taken of Rihanna at a Los Angeles emergency room immediately after the infamous incident are being shopped around for publication, reports RadarOnline, which declined to show the images. The leaked photos include a close-up and a profile of her injuries, which include swelling and welts on her face, as well as the swelling on the right side, where Brown pushed her face into the car's window repeatedly. Another image displays cuts on her bottom lip, with another showing Rihanna opening her lips to display cuts inside her mouth. A fifth image not previewed by site reportedly shows the tooth marks on her arm where Brown bit her. Please note these are all different from the photo leaked from the LAPD shortly after the event.

Brown has been working on his reputation quite a bit in the last year and a half, but if these get out, it's going to derail any sort of comeback he may have planned. Then again, judging by the victim-blaming a lot of people were doing when this happened, maybe they should paste this stuff on billboards all over town.

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[Last modified: Friday, October 15, 2010 3:02pm]


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