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MTV may cancel 'Teen Mom 2' because of Jenelle Evans




Could it be? Could The Juice* be getting our wish of a world without both Jersey Shore and Teen Mom 2? Because the rumor is MTV has come to its sense and dropped the show glamorizing teenage pregnancy, drug use and all-around trashy behavior because it glamorizes teenage pregnancy, drug use and all-around trashy behavior. DARE WE DREAM?!?

The New York Post says it's true, mostly because series "star" Jenelle Evans has been acting so cray cray lately. As the paper points out, the 21-year-old has gotten pregnant a second time, gotten married, suffered a miscarriage and demanded a divorce over Twitter, all since Thanksgiving weekend. Evans has been arrested, had her 3-year-old son taken away, been stuck in rehab and has posted nude photos on the Internet, too.

Sources tell the Post that producers think Evans "has become a liability for the show, which tries to characterize itself as a cautionary tale about the hardships of too-young motherhood," the tabloid wrote. There has been no official cancellation notice.

Lifetime already agreed to drop Shawty Lo's special All My Babies' Mamas, mostly because it's about a rapper with 11 children by 10 different women, so there's hope this is true. Of course, the original Teen Mom series ended last year, but there's still a fourth season of part deux in the can. That way we can watch Jenelle's latest round of self-destruction played out on TV without guilt, because we already know what happens!

[Photo: One of Jenelle's mug shots, from 2011. AP]


[Last modified: Tuesday, January 29, 2013 3:44pm]


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