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MTV's Jersey Shore hates Italian-Americans, pizza, women, drunks, reasoned thought



The Juice* and its readers get a front-row seat of the decline of Western popular culture every day, but MTV's show Jersey Shore is the cherry on top. Exhibit A: Not only are people mad that Italian-Americans made out to be drunken, self-tanning, semi-literate buffoons, but the trailer for the series shows cast member Snookie getting punched in the face at a bar by a man. If you want to call him that.

First Domino's Pizza decided not to run ads after running one spot on the Dec. 3 premiere, although they swear it wasn't because of complaints from Italian-American groups: “Our third-party media buyer, after reviewing the show, told MTV Friday morning that the content wasn’t right for Domino’s,” a spokesman told Entertainment Weekly. “The request to keep our spots from future episodes took place in the morning, well before we received any complaints or inquiries from anyone.”

They added that they'll still advertise on MTV, just not "on that particular show." And what about that content isn't right? Is it all the people referring to each other as "guidos" and "guidettes," or perhaps the constant fistfights and use of outside voices?

Speaking of which, now people are upset about that punch Snookie got, which you can watch near at the end of the trailer above. According to the Philadelphia Daily News, 23-year-old Long Islander Brad Ferro was arrested in August for giving her a knuckle sandwich after he stole her drink and Snookie took exception to it. He was booked for simple assault and disorderly conduct.

This unfortunate portion of the trailer has gone viral on the Internet, especially as a GIF, garnering a surprising number of positive reactions. And while there's plenty of clips of guys beating each other and women hitting men on the show (even The Juice* often advocates ill fortune befalling reality stars), actually seeing it happen is distasteful, to say the least. Of course, having lived in Philadelphia and visited Ocean County in Jersey, this isn't surprising at all.

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