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Naked Harry Potter coming to N.Y.




Only in Albus Dumbledore's wildest fantasies did this seem possible: Daniel Radcliffe's play Naked Harry Potter is coming to Broadway in September 2008. (Okay, we know the play's official title is Equus. Same diff.) The 18-year-old actor strips to the buff for the play, a story about a disturbed youth who blinds horses. "It’s a good thing, it’s healthy," Radcliffe told BBC News. "I'm obviously nervous but I'm very, very excited." He said he hopes the play will become a different kind of Broadway sensation: "If we can get a straight play to really succeed in the world of theatre that is so besieged by musicals, that would be a real achievement and I think the time is absolutely right to do it there. For a kid who grew up listening to showbiz tunes in the car, Broadway is a big, big thing. All the people I know in New York say New York is ready for this kind of play." For what it’s worth, Muggles, Radcliffe's Harry Potter co-star Richard “Uncle Vernon” Griffiths will also reprise his role in the show.

(Photo: AP)

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