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Nick Hogan and Tila Tequila are hooking up on movie set



tbd-tilatequila042811.jpgAs part of our Where Are They Now? file, we catch up on former Clearwater resident Nick Hogan and Internet trash queen Tila Tequila. We can kill two birds with one stone, however, because these two have been hooking up for awhile now, making this the hottest item of 2007.

The pair are now a couple, and have been shooting a new movie called Masterminds by David Keary up in Nashville, Tenn., and have spent a lot of time in a locked trailer together. "There was some major chemistry going on between them and even though they tried to hide it, everyone on the set knew what was going on," a source tells RadarOnline. "They were constantly together, sneaking off and being affectionate when they thought no one was looking."

Apparently 29-year-old Tila didn't even know how young Nick was (he's 20) until after they'd signed the paperwork on the relationship, if you know what we're saying. But not every private moment has been off-set. "There was one steamy scene they had together and even after David yelled, 'Cut', Tila and Nick just kept going at it," the source added. Maybe they thought it was a reality show and not a movie. You've got to shoot everything for the editing room, you know.

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