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Nicolas Cage rents DVDs, does not return them





Nicolas Cage rented two DVDs from Old Bank DVD, a rental shop in downtown L.A., and never returned them, racking up $224.48 in late fees, TMZreports. The actor rented the movies back in April and four months later, they were still not returned. The world doesn't have bigger problems or anything. No, not at all.

To really show up the actor, Old Bank used Facebook: "If anyone happens to run into Nicolas Cage wandering the neighborhood, please kindly remind him he's had [our DVDs] for a few months. Old Bank is not responsible if he gets mad, bursts into flames and beats you up though," they wrote. Old Bank also photoshopped Cage's head on other celebrities' bodies (wrestler Andre the GiantDemi Moore, etc.) and posted it to the social networking site, the New York Post reports. "Gonna keep posting these until we get our DVDs returned Nic," employees wrote. "Share this and hopefully in a six degrees of Facebook separation kinda way we'll finally get 'em back."

We're pretty sure Nic has bigger problems than returning two DVDS, like owing six million dollars to the IRS. And Old Bank is using this as a huge publicity stunt. They really don't care about their $10 DVDs. If Larry the Postman wasn't returning them, no one would notice.

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