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Nicolas Cage's son Weston beaten up by his bodyguard



rsz_tbd-westoncage061311.jpgThere were plenty of reports on the Internet about Nicolas Cage's son Weston being beaten up on a Hollywood street corner, but now word is that the assailant was Weston's high school wrestling coach, who had been hired to protect the 20-year-old. Um, you're doing it wrong, Mr. Bodyguard.

Weston apparently spazzed out on Kevin Villegas when the Beverly Hills High coach said he couldn't order something off the menu at a restuarant called The Farmer's Kitchen, sparking the beating. There's no word on why Villegas needed to punch the guy in the face 13 times, though. Usually once or twice is enough.

"He deliberately provoked Weston," a source told RadarOnline about Villegas (watch video above). And he wouldn’t stop even though people were telling him to. ... He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston. The wrestling coach took advantage of Weston because he knew he was in no condition to defend himself at that time."

Weston got eight stitches in his face and was hospitalized to evaluate for head and brain injuries. Dad Nic no doubt was then lawyerized to evaluate how much he can sue Villegas for. Needless to say, it's likely the coach lost his job, too.

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[Last modified: Friday, June 10, 2011 7:50pm]


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