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No, really, Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, y'all



First the National Enquirer told us Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant. Then a few places said she wasn't. Now the Enquirer is standing by its story, claiming it has an source inside the family who confirms it's true. The family dog doesn't count, guys.

Tbdjamielynnspears101408Plus, it sounds like we're not the only ones who found out about it last week. Casey Aldridge sounds like he only found out after the Enquirer ran its story and was a tad upset, and mama Lynne's none too happy, either.

"Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the pregnancy. And she’s livid the news leaked out, especially during her book tour," their source says. "Lynne doesn’t want to talk about it publicly until they sort this out."

We think the fact that grandma is mad because it's interfering with her book tour may spell out a few of the problems here, but back to the whole abortion issue:

"Jamie Lynn is being pressured by people very close to her to abort. But no decision has been made yet," the source continues. "Casey is furious. Jamie Lynn hadn’t told him about the pregnancy. He learned about it in the media and then confronted her and she told him it was true."

The Juice* has formulated a conspiracy theory that these are all rumors cooked up by the Spears family to collect cash. The Enquirer says one thing, then there's an "exclusive" by Ok! to set the record straight. But rest assured, The Juice* is paid nothing by celebrities, so we only bring you THE TRUTH (as it stands today).

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