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Oksana Grigorieva abuse photo, tapes of Mel Gibson's rants may have been altered




We may have a reason why Mel Gibson's camp hasn't been saying anything in response to Oksana Grigorieva's allegations he's a drunken, racist, abusive, loudmouth lout: He's simply letting her story fall apart on its own. That'd be some movie magic, right there.

While RadarOnline is running a photo that supposedly shows Girgorieva's broken teeth after Gibson's alleged punch to her face on Jan. 6 (see it here, since they don't want people republishing it), TMZ is already disputing that idea. The photo, which is part of the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. investigation into the alleged domestic abuse, is a fake, according to her dentist, TMZ says.

"The nose is not hers.  The lips are not right.  It's not a true and accurate picture.  It has definitely been altered," Dr. Ross Sheldon told the site. He notes that the teeth really are Oksana's: they are intact, but a veneer was damaged and one was broken entirely.

Add to this Robyn Gibson's court declaration that Mel never once hit her or their children and reports that question whether the audio tapes everyone's been listening to for two weeks were altered, and the case against Mel doesn't look as airtight as it once did. Maybe that why family court didn't take away hi visitation rights to daughter Lucia. Of course, Oksana still had broken teeth and Mel was still ranting like a Irish Catholic on Orangemen's Day, so who can we believe anymore?

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