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Oksana Grigorieva photos detail alleged Mel Gibson physical abuse




Between Lindsay Lohan being in jail and Mel Gibson going off the deep end, The Juice* has been trying to stagger them so you don't get both barrels of gross media oversaturation at once. So, since Lindsay was crying in jail yesterday, today you get to read Oksana Grigorieva has photos showing the bruises she got after Mel allegedly punched her in the head twice. Whew, we were beginning to think there was no evidence he was a jerk!

RadarOnline previews a photo showing a small bruise on Oksana's left temple, which she's told cops was the other injury she received after Mel punched her in the mouth and broke her front teeth on Jan. 6. The photo is among others being used in three separate investigations into the incident, the site says.

This is all after yet another tape excerpt was released showcasing Mel's jealousy and rage over Timothy Dalton, who fathered Grigorieva's 12-year-old son Alexander, who is also referred to as Sascha. TMZ revealed, incidentally, that his ranting was spurred on Feb. 18 after Oksana apparently smiled at a gardener who was planting a fir tree in honor of daughter Lucia, the same day she and Mel buried their daughter's placenta in an apparent Gibson family tradition. The latest shoutfest is so foul-mouthed and depressing, however, that we just can't transcribe any more of it. By now we've all come to realize Mel has a bit of what we in the biz refer to as Galactic Jackass Syndrome.

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