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Olivia Newton-John's ex may not be dead



Could it be that Olivia Newton-John's old boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, didn't actually drown in a fishing accident in 2005, but rather had faked his own death and has been on the run all over the western hemisphere. The Juice*'s magic 8-ball says all signs point to yes!

Tbdnewmcdermott012909 The 48-year-old had reportedly fallen overboard June 30 of '05 off San Pedro, Calif., leaving his keys, passport and wallet, but no body was ever found. He was then supposedly sighted from Brazil to the Panama Canal. But thanks to a Web site set up by investigators, we now know it's entirely possible McDermott is living on a boat off the Mexican coast, between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, London's Telegraph reports.

Philip Klein, who was hired by Dateline to find McDermott, says he's been located by tracking the IP addresses logging into, a site Klein set up for just that purpose. It's thought that McDermott faked his death to let his teenage son from a previous marriage, Chance, collect on a $100,000 life insurance policy.

"Sayulita, Mexico, is where many of the hits were coming from," Klein told ABC News. "We got to Sayulita, we began to show his picture around to witnesses in the area, and we found people who said, 'Yeah, I know him, he comes here all the time.' We have witnesses, including five Americans, willing to give us signed affidavits that they've seen him.'"

McDermott doesn't face any criminal charges as of yet, so no law enforcement agencies are involved, but Olivia no doubt wants to know why he disappeared after a nine-year relationship.

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