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This is like that one episode of 'Futurama' where Bender was a pro wrestler and he wrestled that rich robot ... or not



Trump If you were watching the Grand Prix this weekend, or couldn't afford the pay-per-view, you missed Donald Trump getting to shave Vince McMahon's head after tonight's Battle of the Billionaires at Ford Field in Detroit. Trump's chosen fighter, Bobby Lashley, beat the 300-pound "Samoan Bulldozer," Umaga. Trump even got into the act, bashing McMahon in the face with a few "punches." Trump then got to take a razor to McMahon's dome and do what wrestling fans love best: embarrass the affluent.

But even more exciting was the presence of one "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as the guest referee. Not one to let a rich guy upstage him, Austin gave Trump his signature "Stunner," driving the real-estate mogul's combover into Austin's shoulder. It looks real nasty on TV. And then, after having served no other purpose than to make another rich guy look like a fool, Austin retired to the locker room amid cheers from the bloodthirsty throng. We could really get into this pro wrestling thing, you know. [Photo: AP]

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