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Oprah Winfrey paying for Australia trip expenses




While the Australian government may be picking up the tab for Oprah Winfrey's audience to visit in December, she's being very careful to not stick her guest with the bill for taxes and fees. All that bad press from giving away those Pontiacs in 2004 and leaving her audience to pay $7,000 each in gift taxes must be to blame.

E! says Winfrey has agreed to pay taxes, baggage and passport fees and other costs for that trip she arranged for the 300 or so fans who were in the audience for her 25th anf final season premiere, courtesy of about $2.7 million in Australian tax dollars. She even had a CPA hagning around to make sure it's kosher.

We do have to agree with incomparable hatemongering blogger Tyler Durden, however, who asked how it was possible to pay travel expenses on a gift and not have that payment count as a gift, as well. Are there any CPAs out there in Juice*land who can shed light on this subject? Tax law is so exciting! At least, it was in The Firm. The book, not that awful movie.

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[Last modified: Friday, September 17, 2010 3:46pm]


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