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Paris fears for her life, fires lawyer

Tbdparis051007 Life & Style says Paris Hilton has plenty of reasons to fear jail time. “These maniacs have been writing, ‘We’re going to get you’ and ‘I’m going to kill you,’ ” a source tells the mag. “It’s horrifying. One person wrote that she’s going to steal Paris’ shoes when she gets to jail — and if Paris argues, she’ll be beaten to a pulp.” Are you sure those aren’t just Hilton’s “friends” playing practical jokes? It’s not like she’s going to Oz or anything.

She’s so scared she’s dumped defense lawyer Howard Weitzman for DUI specialist Richard Hutton, TMZ says. So, PR guy Elliot Mintz can come back, but now its the lawyer’s fault? That’s too bad, because all the paparazzi sites showed Paris driving around that $200,000 Bentley convertible five days after her court hearing. It sure didn’t look like she was sorry for thinking she was too rich for the law.

Update: TMZ says her license suspension from her September arrest is over, so she's not breaking the law by driving. But yet, it still seems tacky to us.

[Photo: Getty Images]

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:11am]


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