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Paris Hilton's new catchphrase is huuuuge



If you listen to Howard Stern on Sirius, you no doubt have heard he and his staff absolutely manhandling Paris Hilton's admission to Tim Gunn that she has a new catchphrase: "That's huge." And if you're a longtime reader who knows the depths of our Hilton hate, you know that us writing about her is what's huge -- it's been at least six months since last we dared mention her.

Anyway, at some red carpet walk, Paris is shown telling Gunn that her new replacement for "That's hot" can be shortened (or is that lengthened?) to "Huuuuuuge," which sounds shockingly out of touch (check out the original video above). Really, how is saying something is huge a new meme? We can't even make fun of it, since it's not like she can step out of her ivory tower for five seconds to hear us (or Stern) berate her.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:33am]


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