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Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler starring in 'Space Station '76'




There's a new movie coming out starring Patrick Wilson (son of WTVT Fox 13's John Wilson) as a bitter and suicidal space station captain and Liv Tyler as his new assistant. Because playing a space station captain in a sci-fi dramedy would make you bitter adn suicidal, wouldn't it?

The Hollywood Reporter says Space Station '76, which also stars Matt BomerMarisa Coughlan and Jerry O'Connell is an ode to 1970s suburbia, as envisioned by writer/director Jack Plotnick. "People think that the 1970s were about the discos and the free love, but in the suburbs you were left feeling, ‘Where’s the party?’ " Plotnick said. "So the emotional story is what I felt in the '70s. My parents weren’t happy together and they stuck it out for the kids. It's an homage to them. And in one way, I think we're like these solitary ships in space trying to connect."

Of course, if you wanty to watch angsty comedy about the mid '70s, you could always watch syndicated reruns of That '70s Show. It's the same idea, plus it has Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, and they're both way more famous now.

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