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Paula Deen gets smacked in the face with ham



Savannah, Ga., celebrity chef Paula Deen was in Atlanta on Monday to help pass out 25,000 pounds of food she and Smithfield Food donated for the Hosea Feed The Hungry program, but she got a faceful of pork when an 8-pound ham being tossed to her hit her in the face. There's a swine flu joke in there somewhere, we just know it.

Some overzealous yahoo decided to toss the meat to Deen instead of handing it over, which is not the best idea: "He raised the ham up and I thought he was going to pass it down the line and I turned around to take another ham off the truck and turned around and all of a sudden this ham that weighed 200 pounds hit me full long in the face and 'bout knocked me cuckoo, but I'm fine," she told WMAZ with a laugh (watch video of it here).

The Juice* used to live in Savannah, so we dig Paula, even if we can no longer get into Lady & Sons when we go back to visit and she turned our favorite bar into a gift shop. But we know that she likely had her sons find the guy who did this and break his kneecaps, though you won't read about that anywhere. Just letting you know.

[Photo: via WGCL video]


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