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Paula Deen talks about catching ham with her face



We're still on Paula Deen watch here at The Juice*; We've been really bummed out since she got sideswiped by an 8-pound ham at a charity food drive on Monday. But Paula being Paula, there's no hard feelings.

"It was the guy's first day. I went to toss a ham like a football," she told Extra. "He didn't know how I normally do things, and I guess he got excited and got caught up in the moment because as I turned around to get more hams off the truck, this guy yells... and I turn around just in time to catch the ham in my face!"

To be fair, she didn't really catch it -- more like it bounced off her face like a missed field goal hitting the upright. She got some ice on it, though, and what she thought was a broken nose left only a small red spot.

The ham-tosser "felt so bad," Deen said. "I felt probably worse for him than for myself being his first day on the job. [But] accidents just happen. That's why they're called accidents. The doctor checked it and she said I was fine. I didn't even go the hospital."

Notice she doesn't name the poor sap. We all know our gracious land of helpful and understanding Americans would immediately phone in death threats for hurting a 62-year-old Food Network star. Ah, Thanksgiving!


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:07am]


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