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Photos of Taylor Armstrong's black eye are revealed




Photos of Taylor Armstrong sporting a heck of a shiner have made their way onto Entertainment Tonight, since she allegedly got it from her late husband, Russell. Thank goodness the show was launching an investigation into the whole affair on Tuesday night.

RadarOnline points out they had a report that said Russell hit Taylor so hard, she had to get plastic surgery for the black right eye and a cut above her eyebrow. All ET can offer is a so-called expert who said the injury looked like it was caused "maybe by a fist to the eye ... or somebody taking her  head from the back and you know forcing her into something ... that's really serious physical assault." Crack reporting on how a black eye happens, TV guys.

This is obviously something the folks at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would have seen, and Radar says they actually tried to help. "Taylor knew she could no longer stay in her marriage," a source tells the site." She was physically and emotionally abused by Russell. Taylor needed to know from the Housewives that they would be there for her when she decided to file (for divorce), and they have been." Interesting, though, that no one mentioned the beatings on the show at all. That would have ruined Bravo's marketing, you know.

[Photo: via ET]

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