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Poor Britney Spears hates photographers, y'all!



Tbdbritneyspears011608 We said yesterday that the reason Britney Spears showed up at the L.A. County Courthouse but didn’t go inside was supposedly because there were swarms of paparazzi buzzing about like angry horseflies, but thanks to E! Online we know that’s now the official excuse her camp is giving.

Her manager/pal/leech Sam Lutfi sent E! News a text message saying the throngs outside the courthouse hindered her entrance, since there was “no way to get her out of the car safely.” (Never mind the Daily Mail's report she was late in the first place because she was waiting for a furniture delivery. And let's not get started on Life & Style's assertion that she walked naked from a dressing room at a mall.) Her black Escalade circled three times before giving up and heading out to lunch at Gaucho Grill in Studio City with Lutfi, boy toy Adnan Ghalib and the rest of her enablers.

We know Brit-Brit wasn’t ordered to attend, but with lawyer Sorrell Trope apparently pleading for her to appear and rights to even see her own children at stake, we’d think the empanadas could wait.

And then from In Touch Weekly comes word that Lutfi found a suicide note from Spears prior to her Jan. 4 freakout. “She went on and on about wanting to just rest in peace,” a friend told the mag. That mental ward is looking better and better.

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