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President Obama talks Lindsay Lohan, Snooki on 'The View'




Unless you're one of the millions of unemployed Americans who has nothing to do but sit at home and watch daytime TV, you no doubt missed President Barack Obama's appearance on The View on Thursday, where he revealed tantalizing tidbits of his ignorance of pop culture. Well, we already knew that; He's paid to run the country, not write The Juice*.

While speaking to Barbara Walters and the gang, Obama revealed that he was aware Lindsay Lohan was in jail, but claimed to not know who Snooki from Jersey Shore was. Must we go to the tape of May's White House Correspondents' Dinner, where you mentioned her being exempt from an indoor-tanning tax? It's okay, we know other people write the president's jokes. After all, the president said, the reason he was on The View in the first place was because he "wanted to pick a show that Michelle actually watches."

Meanwhile, he did have some meat in his discussions, like telling Sherri Shepherd that Shirley Sherrod's firing proved we all should "get the facts straight before we act." He also answered Elisabeth Hasslebeck's question whether his administration's efforts had saved any jobs by saying, "Well, it matters if your job was one that was saved." Bam.

Obama also added that he hadn't been invited to Chelsea Clinton's wedding, since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband (some guy named Bill) didn't want their daughter's wedding to be any more of a media circus than it already is. Don't worry, the Tea Party will find some reason to protest it.

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