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Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglorious Bastards' flap



Tbdtarantino081908 While news of casting changes in Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Bastards sweep the InterWebs -- Simon Pegg and David Krumholtz are out, Samm Levine is in, according to Ain't It Cool News -- the real news is a reportedly leaked script of the flick that has raised some eyebrows in Germany.

The U.K.'s Guardian says the 167-page script depicts "scalpings, disembowelment and swastikas being engraved in foreheads as a group of American Jewish soldiers are airdropped into Nazi-occupied Europe to wreak revenge on the Germans." And it's not even the ultra-violence that people are upset about.

"The trouble is that little distinction is made between Nazi and German, ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers or SS officers, to the extent that if the script is anything to go by, there is no such thing as a good German and all of them have to die," the Guardian's Kate Connolly writes.

And after that, the trouble really seems to be that Brad Pitt is playing Lt. "Apache" Aldo Raine, a hillbilly that recruits eight soldiers -- including a baseball-bat-wielding tough guy dubbed "Bear Jew" -- to "git me 100 Nazi scalps." We hate to say it, but more and more it sounds like Tarantino is the only one who is in on his in-jokes. And that's from a blog that's seen Machine Girl.

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