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Rainn Wilson, John Mayer bicker online over stolen joke image



tbd-rainnwilson072810.jpgIt's been a regular virtual brawl on Twitter between Rainn Wilson and John Mayer this week after the comedian posted a photo on his Posterous blog that was allegedly stolen from the musician's comic writer pal, Jordan Rubin. Wow, digital dustups are getting more and more cerebral.

It seems that Wilson on Saturday posted a photo labeled "Photo of my iPhone 'inbox'" and then tweeted it to his 1.9 million-plus followers on @rainnwilson (that's it on the left). This was called out by Mayer on both Twitter and his blog at as being stolen from a TwitPic posted by his writer pal Rubin way back on April 10. Who would ever just post stuff taken from the Internet, anyway?

To make amends, Wilson said he was sorry to his followers, tweeting, "My apologies to @jordanrubin who created that amazing iPhone inbox photo from the other day & went uncredited!" He didn't change the original Posterous blog item, however, which still noted "Just a sneak peek for the fans. (you're welcome, twitter). Sent via my soul."

That's some dirty pool there, Rainn. While it's possible he simply found this random image on the InTArWebZ and stuck it on his blog, he's way too famous to simply post a stolen joke and allow people to congratulate him on his wit. But at this point it's like everything on the Web: There's no way to make anyone happy about this anymore.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:23pm]


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