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Rappers in prison: T.I. stuck in Georgia, Lil' Wayne may be a daddy




While T.I. won't be getting out of prison for 11 months, he's already got another sentence imposed on him. His probation will keep him stuck in northern Georgia once he's released. You mean, he can't go past Macon? We'd rather stay in prison.

TMZ obtained court documents that say he can't leave the Northern District of Georgia (meaning Atlanta, Gainesville, Rome and Newnan) unless he has proof it's for "verified employment within the United States." No jetting off to the Caribbean or Europe, apparently. Wow, remind us never to break the terms of our probation by being caught with X.

Meanwhile, Lil Wayne may be out of Riker's Island, but he's already brought one problem out with him. The site says he was hit with a paternity suit by a Missouri woman who says her daughter gave birth to his baby back in 2002. Now she wants him to submit to a DNA test to prove the child is his, despite the fact that the birth mother's name isn't even listed in court papers. 

Grandma must really want that big celebrity payday, especially since Weezy already has four kidsby four different women. Again, we'd rather stay in prison.

[Photo: These two weren't singing the blues back in 2009. Now may be a different story. Getty Images]

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