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Renae Shrider almost drowned Verne Troyer

Tbdvernetroyer070908 Oh, that Renae Shrider sure is a funny  -- mere days after admitting she's the one who leaked her infamous sex tape with Verne "Mini Me" Troyer, she allegedly opens her yap to News of the World (we say allegedly because who knows if anything NOTW says is real) to apparently humiliate the 2 foot, 8 inch actor as much as possible.

We'll spare you some of the ghastlier details, including descriptions of how "Verne would crawl up my legs to have sex with me" and get right to the meat: Shrider once almost drowned the poor guy!

"I thought it would be fun to do it in the tub," she said. "Sadly I almost killed him. While Verne was watching TV I ran the bath, emptied a bottle of bubbles in it and called him in. But the bubbles were so thick and high that once he climbed in he got lost under the water and I couldn't see him."

It's at this point The Juice* wonders why Renae feels the need to tell us all this, then we remember that aspiring models don't care, as long as they get media exposure. At least, that's what America's Next Top Model keeps telling us.

Anyway: "Verne's voice is just like it is in the films and as he disappeared under the water, I heard this tiny yelp for help. I could just hear him crying, ‘Ranae, I can't see! Get me out, I'm drowning!' "

Not to spoil the ending, but he lived. At least long enough to sue some folks over that tape. Now he'll be dying of embarrassment.

[Photo: AP]


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