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Rendezvous with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber in a parking garage




The stories of coming thisclose to Spring Breakers stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Benson (or Gomez's sweetie squeeze Justin Bieber) just keep coming into Juice* HQ...

Gabby Hamel, 15, of St. Petersburg messaged us with her goosebumpy tale of meeting Gomez and the Biebs last weekend. We'll let her tell it, in her own words, and with the Juicy* photo above as proof:

"My friends and I waited Sunday outside the Vinoy boat dock for about 4 hours, because we knew Justin and Selena had gone out for a fishing trip.

(Another reader, Jennifer Smith of Gulfport, claimed her neighbors hosted the couple and Bieber's grandparents on their triple decker boat called "Lay Low," which is what the stars were trying to do.)

Hamel continues:

"When they came back in, there were not that many fans, just a few groups of girls and then paparazzi showed up out of nowhere. Bieber and Gomez had towels over their faces, along with Ashley Benson.  My friends and I got very close, but we thought our shot of actually talking to them was gone.

" We went into the Vinoy parking garage and about 15 minutes later and big buff man approached us. He turned out to be Selena's body guard. He said that Selena felt bad and that he would bring her down to meet me and my two friends in 30 minutes. We asked about Justin and he said he had absolutely nothing to do with him.
"Approx. 40 minutes later, my friends and I were still waiting in the parking garage, not giving up hope on meeting Selena Gomez, and we see Justin and Selena walk into the parking garage from an exit. So it turned out that we got to meet Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. They were so nice, and you could really tell that they love their fans alot. My dream of meeting Justin Bieber came true and I even got to hug him.
"I feel so blessed and lucky to meet him especially because I was one of maybe not even ten girls who got to meet Justin this past weekend while he was in town visiting Selena. Even more lucky to have been probably the only person, besides my friends with me, to meet both of them at the same time."
Good for you, Gabby. Keep those Spring Breakers encounters coming!

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