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Robert Downey Jr.: Salon's Sexiest Man Living



Tbdrobertdowney112108 Not to be outdone by People's selection of Hugh Jackman as Sexiest Man Alive!, has chosen comeback kid Robert Downey Jr. as its "Sexiest Man Living." Uh-oh, it's time for a sex-off!

While People gushed that Jackman had a "Body of Doom" and was a loving father and devoted husband, Salon spouts off something about Downey's acting career. We don't read celebrity fluff for that.

"2008 thoroughly redeemed Downey, a man who commits to his roles the way he commits to everything, whether it's drugs, crazy behavior or comebacks," the site writes. "He starred in two of the biggest movies of this year, Iron Man and Tropic Thunder, with performances so resounding that it's hard to imagine that he was ever anything less than a superstar."

Booooooo-ring. Tell the ladies what they want to hear, Salon: That he uses his six-pack abs to grate cheese for the omelet he cooks his wife Susan Levin every day for breakfast in bed before driving a Porsche to the orphanage to read the funnies to sick kids. That's what people want to hear, not "He wears his age and experience like a badge of honor and looks comfortable in his own gorgeous skin."

Although yeah, his movies are pretty good and he does have a sense of humor. Just sayin'.

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