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'Romeo and Juliet' script calls for 14-year-old Hailee Steinfeld to be nude

tbd-haileesteinfeld060711.jpgTrue Grit's Hailee Steinfeld may have been nominated for an Oscar already, but her next role is what will be truly eye-opening. It seems the script for an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet will feature the 14-year-old in her birthday suit. Did we mention she's only 14?

The U.K.'s Daily Mail says an excerpt of Julian Fellowes' script for the William Shakespeare play features a scene in which the star-crossed lovers in flagrante delicto of child pornography laws: "They (Romeo and Juliet) start undressing each other -- slowly, gently and carefully until they are naked. They are eternal figures in a Raphael painting. Romeo then carries her to bed, kissing her again and again as they explore uncharted territory. Then they make love, transported into each other's soul," the script reads. That's pretty racy, but let's not forget the kids in the story were about that age; somebody in their late 40s was an old man back then, y'know.

"I wanted Hailee because she is the perfect age. Juliet is at that stage of... what you might call a child/woman. Just like Hailee herself is," Fellowes said. "My version is a romantic story -- one that keeps pretty true to Shakespeare but is, I hope, more accessible." Of course, if the scene is too graphic, it'll be anything but accessible in American theaters.

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