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Rosie, we hardly knew ye ... wait, we knew ye pretty well ...



Tbdrosieb042607 The View’s not so Rosie on ABC, where oft-controversial co-host Rosie O’Donnell has decided to leave in June after being unable to come to terms on a contract with the network, the AP reports. Rosie said on the air Wednesday that she wanted to stay for another year, but ABC wanted her for three, so she’s packing her bags.

“It just didn’t work, and that’s show biz,” she said. “But it’s not sad because I loved it here and I love you guys and I’m not going away.” She’ll be back though, appearing occasionally for stuff like a special show on autism.

No doubt Barbara Walters is pleased as punch about the news, Rosie’s nemesis Donald Trump said. The real estate mogul quickly claimed on the Fox News Channel that O’Donnell got the axe because of her raw tirade at Monday’s Women in Communications luncheon.

“Barbara’s the happiest person in the world that Rosie’s been fired,” Trump said. O’Donnell’s (and Walters’s) spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, denied Trump’s suggestion, saying she wondered how Trump was supposed to know what happened in contract talks.

And as for Walters herself, she fessed up on the show, saying “This is not my doing or my choice.” Especially not with the kind of ratings Rosie brought to the show. And speaking of ratings, the perfect storm is brewing for ABC — daughter-bashing Alec Baldwin is slated to appear on the show Friday.

A replacement hasn’t been announced or, according to Walters, even considered. But we hear Sanjaya Malakar is available.

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